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Fabric Friends Dolls
I have purchased 2 Azone dolls here. Their shipment was fast! The dolls I bought were in stock so they shipped in about a day and got to my house in a week : D
Denver Doll
I am an impatient bug who wants a doll NOW so I asked the BJD discord group where to buy a doll now. A few sites listed I had tried but they mentioned Denver Doll. I had heard of this place before but didn't REALLY look at the available dolls. Well I tried again and decided to get one! It shipped same day. I also bought some eyes, and hair.
Here is the blank, doll I bought from them.
Since I bought a blank I will need to learn to face up and body blush :3
Alice's Collections
I came upon this place as someone had recommended it to me and they them selves bought dolls and clothes from this site.
I have purchased 1 doll and a LOT of clothes that I am currently waiting on, so I will update this site in about 3 months to express my experience.
I recently bought more eyes, hair and a stand.
Here is Bella, the doll I bought from them.
Warning: I bought what I expect is a recast from the cutebjddolls seller. I am new to the BJD world and was ignorant. Be very careful when purchasing from Etsy. It is best to shop from other stores like Alice COllections or Denver Dolls.
I have bought quite a lot from Etsy sellers but I am still waiting for them to be delivered.
Warning: I bought what I expect is a recast from the UCanaan seller. This is just a guess but be very careful when buying dolls from Amazon. It is best to buy them from trusted sources like Alice Collections or Denver Dolls. Amazon
I went here early on because I wanted to see what I could get fast. But I know now there is a lot of recast theft out there and I am still unsure if what I bought is legit, but I wanted to include this information so you can make your own informed decision!
I bought 2 UCanaan dolls. The first doll I got was a 1/4 in size and cute but you can definitely tell there is less love put in and this doll is more massed produced. As of writing this I don't know much about how to fix dolls but the string is causing the doll not to bend well. The second doll I bought was a 1/6 size and they sent me an entirely different doll that wasn't even in the list of options... : / Returned!
In summation of UCanaan, I still do not know if they are recasts but I can say if you are looking for cheap dolls to faceup this may be a good option. BUT also you may not get what you ordered so...
Here is the UCanaan store.

I purchased a blind box from Amazon. It was super adorable. The brand was SimonToys and I bought Liroro (summer island)