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This wiki was created to help me gather all the information I learn about BJDs and like dolls. Maybe it will help you too!
What is a BJD? What does BJD stand for? BJD stands for ball jointed doll. Before I continue to give my definition of BJD I wanted to make the disclaimer that in the community I have heard different definitions and limitations on what is considered a BJD. So if you do not agree with my definition, you can reach out to me on social media and give me yours! I may update this to reflect that. BJDs are any doll that moves with a ball and socket joint.
Vinyl Doll
There is another similar type of doll that may be were the distinction comes from, called a vinyl doll. These dolls have mechanical parts on the inside and vinyl outside. They are also refered to as MJD or mechanically jointed dolls.
BJDs literally come in all sizes. From human size down to teeny tiny! The sizes used are typically in centimeters but everyonce in a while you will see someone list the doll in inches. The dolls are also listed in terms of a ratio. For example 1/6 or 1/3. There are more sizes than I am listing below!
  • 1/1 - These dolls are life sized but are often not created for selling and are much rarer.
  • 1/2 - These dolls are around 80cm or larger and are also extremely rare.
  • 1/3 - These are popular dolls that tend to be more expensive and extremely high quality. These range around 50cm - 79cm.
  • 1/4 - This is my favorite size. They are also called MSD. These range around 30cm - 49cm.
  • 1/6 - These are cute smaller dolls. These range around 20cm - 29cm.
  • 1/12 - These are very small dolls. These are smaller than 20cm
Clothes Sizing
When buying clothes for your dolls you will notice that the clothes will state what size doll can wear it. Make sure to buy the right size clothing for your doll.
Eye Sizing
  • 1/12 or smaller - approximately 6 - 10mm in size
  • 1/6 - approximately 12 - 14mm in size
  • 1/4 - approximately 14 - 16mm in size
  • 1/3 - approximately 16 - 18mm in size
  • larger than 1/3 - approximately 18 - 20mm in size